A Journey of Faith

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our loving Father

I know I have written posts before about seeing GOD's fingerprints everywhere, but I have been seeing them so much lately, and in such amazing ways, it is awesome... and humbling. It makes me think about how much HE values each of HIS children.
When you think of how powerful and mighty HE is... and how small and insignificant we are... why should HE even notice our struggles, much less give us glimpses into HIS love for us? Why should HE look down from His throne and see our pain, and do something to lessen it? We are just a bunch of selfish sinners really, going about our lives denying Him and His blessings, choosing that which feels good... rather than that which is right. And yet He takes the time to lovingly remind us that not only does HE see and hear our struggles, HE cares enough to do something about it. Not that HE removes the trials and challenges... I believe that HE does use those to help us grow and be stronger in our faith.
A few weeks ago I was heading north to visit family. The whole ride I had this idea running through my head. I should explain that I love to write. Not that I am a particularly talented or creative writer, but I find it therapeutic, especially when I am struggling with something that I need to sort out. So all the way north I had this idea running through my head. When we reached our destination I sat down at my computer and wrote out what I had been thinking. Over  the next day I refined it, adding details that fleshed it out, and when I was happy with what it said, I sent it to Pastor to read.
The next day she and I were talking to another friend of ours, and I was upset about something. Our friend (who hadn't read what I had written) was talking to me to comfort me... and began saying almost exactly what I had written and sent to Pastor. She and I just looked at each other in amazement... here were HIS fingerprints again. I could almost picture HIM looking down from His throne, whispering "I know sweetie, I hear you, and I am here... fear not, I am with you". What an amazing thought!! We are never alone, never apart from His love and care.
It never ceases to amaze me that, even in the darkest moments, even when we are at our lowest, HIS 'moments' still stand out so vividly. I wish I had kept a journal of all those little moments. The times that the timing of a song, or sermon, or devotion, or the words of a friend just came at such a perfect time that there was no denying that it was HIM, reminding me that HE isn't an impersonal, far away god that is just there to tell me what to do, but a loving, attentive, just Father who truly wants His children to be strong and content and comforted.

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