A Journey of Faith

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Drawing a journey

Drawing a Journey.... Anonymous

If I could draw her journey, it would not be a straight path. It would be a meandering adventure. For she has traveled thru dark, ominous forests, and beautiful meadows. She has climbed the high peaks of majestic mountains, and fallen to the bottoms of the valleys . She has stood beside the vast ocean as waves of doubt, exhileration, fear, and accomplishment washed over her whole being. Her journey has taken her from a place where there was little joy or hope, and it is ever growing closer to that wonderful place. What wonderful place? That glorious mansion that is even now being built by the loving hands of her Maker. Just for her. Along the journey there have been many voices that have called out to her. Some have been mocking, taunting, bruising. Others have been encouraging, uplifting, loving. It has been hard for her, at times, to push aside those that tear down, and listen to those that build up. But even in those despair filled valleys, even in those dark forests, those dear voices are still there, faint and far away, but there. They are telling her... 'GOD loves you! JESUS died for you! The HOLY SPIRIT wants to carry you thru these storms! Rejoice!' And she hears, and her heart is healed. If I could draw her spirit, it would be a jumble of color. There would be the brightness of joy... for those times when her soul was singing, and she wanted to shout from the rooftops "HE loves you like this too!!!". There would be the somber grayness of grief and regret when loss threatened to overcome her being and pull her away from the only One who could heal her. There would be the calm hues of peace, that though in the dark times it seemed so far away and unreachable, was there in the times that she just rested in her LORD, knowing that HE was and is the truth and the life, her life. And there would be the stormy darkness of fear and depression that has a heavy weight of its own. A weight that would have crushed her had her GOD not had her sheltered under HIS mighty, loving hand. A weight that made her want to cut the journey short, go straight to HIM. But HE said no. It wasn't time.  And so she obeyed. And thru it all, HE was there, calling her name. Often she didn't know what HE was saying, what HE was calling her to... so she waited. She did her best to live her life the way HE would want her to. But there was something more. Something she couldn't name, that HE wanted her to do. So she waited. And in the meantime, she told her children HIS story. Of how HE loves them with a love so big, and so pure, and so true, that they could never imagine it. Of how HE came to live for them... and die for them. Of how even though the people who love them will make mistakes, will disappoint them, will maybe even hurt them, HE never will. And her children knew HIM. And her heart was glad. Throughout her journey she often felt alone. But HE has always been there, walking before- and with her. When she was singing and rejoicing... HE was there singing and rejoicing too. When she was confused and unsure, HE was pointing the way thru HIS word. When she was wounded and in pain... HE gently put her finger in the wounds in HIS hands and side. And when she was on her knees begging for relief and release... HE was on HIS knees too, in a garden, hearing HIS Father and Maker saying 'no'. And some beautiful day HE will take her hand, and together they will walk thru the gates at the end of her journey. Until then, they walk on.  If I could draw her heart... HE would be there, imprinted in love.

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