A Journey of Faith

Sunday, June 17, 2012

GOD did it again :)

 HE did it again!!! I put little tiny bits of nothing in the ground, and GOD made them grow!
<-- look!! carrots!!! (ok, they are really small still, but they are there!!)

This wind chime makes beautiful music.

I had to tie the peas back because they were going crazy and threatening to attack anyone who walked down the row :)

The lettuce is growing, I should have planted more!

I am going to have plenty of onions this winter. I planted three different kinds.

I am still amazed at the miracle of planting those little tiny flecks of promise. Every year GOD follows thru, and good things begin appearing. Despite my decidedly brown thumb, every year food comes from those seeds. Go figure!!!
Thank you GOD!!!!!

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