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Sunday, June 17, 2012

hymns and prayers

Today Pastor did the sermon about singing, singing in church specifically, but I of course have been pondering on this since. I have posted before that I love music. I love listening to it, I love singing it, and more recently I have learned to love playing it on the piano. When I am in a song... in whatever way I am enjoying it, it fills me and moves me and takes me places I can't go on my own. Sometimes, when my soul is aching, and I need to get closer to my GOD, music is what gets me there. When I want to tell HIM something, and can't find the words, often it's a song that says it for me. When I am singing a song (because,even when I am listening to or playing a song, I am singing), it is a connection between me and my Heavenly Father that isn't possible in any other way. Pastor talked about a (for lack of better word) disagreement that happened in our church a few weeks back, some people wanted to cut the last hymn short, and others of us didn't. I understand that some people want to finish on time, they have things they have planned or whatever. But cutting short a hymn is like cutting short a prayer. Would we say to GOD "sorry, don't have time to say all I had planned to you today, I have to get home to see the game" Of course not. So why cut short hymns, which for many are a prayer?
One thing I have trouble with is looking up when I am singing. Pastor pointed out that we should look up, smile, have fun... and I agree. But, sometimes for me, when I am in the 'zone' (sounds tacky, but couldn't think of how else to word it!) I don't want to see everyone out in the congregation. I just want to sing from my heart to GOD's and not be distracted by the fact that people are possibly looking at me. Silly I know, but it's one more thing to work on :)

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