A Journey of Faith

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a Wondering....

I woke up this morning at home... not at camp. I love camp in general, but the camp that I just came home from is a beautiful place. In fact, the name means 'beautiful spiritual place in the hills', a perfect name for a tranquil place. In the woods, near the edge of the lake, is a little outdoor chapel, further along the path is an outcropping of rocks that juts out into the water. I was able to spend some time at both of these places this week, praying and thinking, and just soaking in the presence of GOD. I wonder though, why is it that some places touch us more deeply in a spiritual place? What is it about a quiet little clearing, filled with rustic benches and a simple cross that pulls me closer to my Creator? What is it about sitting with a friend, praying to our Lord, looking over the water in the quiet of morning that brings home to me how much HE loves me? I am so thankful that I have opportunity to spend time in places that open up that part of my spirit and allow me to draw closer to HIM. What a blessing!!!

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