A Journey of Faith

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pocket Rocks update

I still carry my pocket rocks... I am getting better at remembering the verses and their 'addresses'. But I have changed something... I use to chose the rocks based on how I was feeling, or what I knew the day might bring my way. Then one day I was at church and had my box of pocket rocks (I was working on making more). A friend was there, and I asked her if she wanted to pick a pocket rock, and she reached into the box and took one without looking. She just let GOD pick the one she would take. It got me thinking. After all, HE knows better than I do what the day will bring. And HE knows my heart far better than I do, so if I trust HIM to lead me where I need to go, I can start with something as small as which verses from HIS word I will carry that day. And I have been humbled by what HE has chosen for me so many times. Like the day I picked Exodus 3:12 "GOD said 'I will be with you'" and thought about it when I was feeling lonely. Or the day after I had trouble praying and picked Ephesians 3:12 "In HIM and through faith in HIM we may approach GOD with freedom and confidence". So, I am continuing to let HIM lead me in even this seemingly small thing. Because really, it's not so small a thing. Carrying the rocks with me has helped me, it has been a reminder that as close as those rocks are to my physical self, HE is to my spiritual self. They also are an easy way to help me memorize HIS word, so that in those moments that I need to connect with HIM, and I can't find the words, I can use the ones HE has given us.

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