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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Palm Sunday and uncharted territory

So tomorrow is Palm Sunday. It is a rememberance of the day our Savior began HIS last week before HE suffered and died for us. It is a day when we celebrate HIS entry into Jerusalem as the Prince of Peace. I was thinking about how HE did so many things that hadn't been done before, and some of the symbolism in what HE did. Born of a virgin womb, presented on the back of an unridden donkey, buried in an unused tomb. The day HE entered Jerusalem on the colt was the day that faithful Jews chose the lamb that would die for their Passover feast. The lamb was to be perfect, free of blemish. The lamb would be killed that Thursday, and those participating would remember the night that the blood of a lamb saved the firstborn from the angel of death. Now we, two thousand years later, have to choose. Will we choose to be saved by the blood of the Lamb? Will we accept the gift of salvation, the amazing gift of the covering of HIS blood over our sins? Will we allow HIM to lead us where we've never been, and couldn't go without HIM? HE shook up the faith world in so many ways, will we allow HIM to shake our worlds too? Many of the Jews at that time didn't recognize HIM as the Messiah, they were expecting a military leader that would save them from the oppression they were under from the Romans. Are we really that different now? How many of us, when we give our lives to HIM, expect that we will cease to struggle, cease to suffer? How often does our faith waver when life gets heavy and difficult? But HE didn't come as a military leader then, and HE doesn't come to us now to fix it all. Then and now HIS message was of love and peace and trust. HE came to show us the way to eternity, the way to HIS Father. So tomorrow, as we wave the palms, and sing the Palm Sunday hymns, let's remember that HE was a trail blazer, HE was the chosen lamb, the Prince of Peace that went where no one had gone before. HE can take us places we've never been before too, if we reach up and take HIS hand and let him lead us there.

LORD, thank You for sending Your Son, for sending HIM to lead us where we never dreamed we could go. Please give us the courage to follow HIM wherever HE leads us. In His glorious name, Amen.

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