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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sibling stuff

Spring is here! The warm weather is upon us, and has drawn all of my kids out to play (while Mom was attempting a quick nap). Following is the conversation that I heard thru the open window:

(ducklings 1 and 3 were attempting to hide a huge, very cool rock from duckling 2)

duckling 1 "go away"
duckling 2 "what are you doing?"
duckling 1 "go away!!" (louder)
duckling 2 "but we want to play with you"
duckling 1 "go away or we'll chase you" (followed by the sound of running feet... bare feet mind you)
duckling 2 "yeah!! we're playing" (followed by more running and lots of laughter)

I love spring :)

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