A Journey of Faith

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today the kids and I went with a bunch of people from church to sing carols at a nursing home. As we all stood there singing I looked around at these people who have become so dear to me. They aren't just faces in the congregation, they are my family. From the lady I stand next to in the choir, to the man who sings such beautiful solos and his dear sweet wife, the friend who does Bible study with me, another friend who has encouraged me and helped me see GOD's presence and call in my life, the mom of a friend who has gone on to heaven already, the man who was a firefighter like my great uncle, and all the others. They are all so dear to me that it brings tears to my eyes, how wonderful GOD is that HE put these wonderful people in my life. They make my church a home. It isn't just a place to listen to hymns and sermons, it is a place where I am welcome, and loved, and accepted. It is a place where I can grow in my faith, and be filled spiritually. When I walk thru those doors I am filled with peace, my soul is filled, and I am whole. What a blessing.

Lord, I can never thank you enough for putting me at my church home. Thank you for all the people who make that church more than a building to enter each week, they make it home. In JESUS' name, Amen.

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