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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Emergency contact

Tonight was the Maundy Thursday service at church, and there was another 'object' removed from the backpack. It was an 'emergency contact form' that said simply "JESUS" in big red letters. Pastor said that it was something we should have put into our packs at the beginning of our 'Journey to Hope', that when we have an emergency, HE is the first one we should call upon to help us thru it.
I have had an usual thing happen to me in the last few weeks. I was struggling with the Bible study at church, and really having a hard time holding it together. I had gone to the kids' pioneer club meeting and sat upstairs chatting with a few other moms... only not really chatting because I was in a kind of turmoil over this study, or rather, over things it made me think about. Little did I know when I left that evening, two of the moms there decided I needed prayer, and pray they did... that night, and the next day too. The following week at the Bible study I was again having a hard time, and after the study meeting, one of the sweet ladies in the group came up to me and hugged me and prayed over me. Then, last week, another friend recognized that something was said that might be hard for me, and unbeknowst to me, began praying that I wouldn't be hurt by it. All these ladies 'read' my "emergency contact" information and made the call that they knew would bring me help. They didn't judge, they didn't try to 'fix' it by telling me what to do, they just hit their knees so to speak and called on the One who could come to the rescue. And HE did. It is humbling and comforting and amazing to know that HE has put these people in my life, and that when I am having a hard time, they will be there to call on HIM to help me.

LORD, thank You for being my 'emergency contact', and thank You for putting people in my life that lift me up to You when I so need it. I love YOU! Amen

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