A Journey of Faith

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Purple Trees

Something has been rolling around in my thoughts lately (that happens a lot). Have you ever felt crummy... lonely or sad or angry or just plain... restless? Someone asks you if there is anything that they can do to help and you decline? Maybe you don't want to bother them, maybe you don't want to 'get into it', maybe you just don't know what to ask for in the way of help. And then you feel worse, because what you really need, what will really help you, is contact with caring people. GOD made us to need each other, HE designed us to crave fellowship with other believers, to thrive on connections with those who love and respect us. And when we deny others that opportunity to help, that important connection is weakened. We don't do ourselves any favors,  in denying others the opportunity to help us, we deny ourselves the healing that is right there... if only we would accept it.
When I am feeling blue, and lonely, and empty, I often just try to sweep how I am feeling under the rug. I put on a happy face (or try to) and pretend that I am just fine. But then I end up feeling worse, because I am lonely and craving that human contact and reassurance that I am loved and respected. But here's the thing (this is what has been rolling around in my head), how can anyone be that support that I need if I don't tell them how, or even if, I need to be supported? It's like trying to color a picture blindfolded. Oh sure, it can be done, but you might end up coloring the trees purple, or the sky brown. You probably won't stay inside the lines, and it sure won't turn out to be your best work. It would be so much easier to go into it seeing what needs to be done, and knowing what tools you need to do it. Isn't it the same with helping someone in need? Knowing what needs to be done and what tools to bring to the job is essential. So why do we hold back that vital information? Why is it so hard to just be honest and say 'you know, I would love to have you help me, this is what I need...' I think it would take great courage, but I also think it would be so worth it.

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