A Journey of Faith

Monday, April 30, 2012

Let go and let GOD...

Oldest duckling and I had a mother daughter outing today. We are still visiting family west of home, and in the town they live in is a sweet little water front area with a bunch of little artsy shops, so we walked and shopped and talked. It was a nice, relaxing time, just the two of us.

In one of the shops I found this little treasure. I was looking for something for a friend, and this happens to remind me of that friend. It is something she has told me often, when I am agonizing over some little (or not so little) trouble, or worry. Just let go... let GOD do what HE does best. It is so hard to do that sometimes. I have always been rather independent, just doing what needs to be done, usually on my own to some extent. Sometimes letting go of control, letting even GOD take over, is scary. It leaves us feeling uncertain, unsure if things will turn out 'right'. But GOD knows the big picture, and even if it doesn't turn out our way, if we give it to HIM... if we let go, it will turn out HIS way, and that is the right way.

Did you ever do the 'trust fall'. You know, where you stand with your back to someone, or a group of people, arms crossed in front of you, and fall back? Trusting that they will catch you? I was never good at that. Well, not the falling anyway. The catching I could do, no problem. Because when you're catching, you're in control. When you're the one falling, there is always the possibility that the one catching won't catch you. Scary. Even if it is someone that you know that you can trust. Letting go and letting GOD is like that. You know you can trust HIM. Especially if you know scripture. HE tells us over and over that HE will never leave us, that HE loves us, that HE will take care of us... if we put our trust in HIM. We have to take that leap of faith, cross our arms, and fall, knowing that HE will catch us. Every time.

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