A Journey of Faith

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More than just a little different

Sometimes it really hits me how differently we live our lives, how strange we are to others. We have chosen a lifestyle, and a set of values that is so different from mainstream society in many ways. We don't send our children to government schools, we don't allow our children to watch tv shows with suggestive themes or scantily clad characters. We try to live our lives, and make choices that honor GOD. That often means that we have to explain to people why, for example, our teen aged daughter doesn't date, or our preteen son isn't allowed to watch a show where there are half naked girls dancing suggestively. It means that we have to explain why we don't use GOD's name in disrespectful ways, or why we don't make plans for Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, because we are in church at those times. Sometimes it is hard not to feel embarrassed at our differences, but I try to picture GOD looking at us in those moments and smiling. I try to picture standing before HIM and hearing HIM say "well done My little girl, you stood up for your belief in Me". I know that we don't always do things the way HE wants us to, I don't think anyone does, but I hope that we are doing enough of the right things that our lives are pleasing to HIM. Even if it does get a little awkward at times trying to find that fine line between having to be a part of the world, and trying to prepare our hearts and souls for HIS kingdom.

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