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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Man vs...

Today I was ironing and watching Man vs Food (for those who haven't seen it, it is a show on Travel Channel. The host visits different restaurants around the country and samples the food. He also takes on various challenges offered by some restaurants; involving either huge amounts of food or incredible hot and spicy foods). As he was describing one of the dishes being prepared, my mouth started watering. Then I realized that whatever it was looked gross, and was almost entirely made with ingredients I don't like. Then it hit me, it wasn't the food that sounded good enough to make my mouth water, it was the way it was being described. And I thought, isn't that what satan does? He makes a life separate from GOD sound appealing. And many people buy into his lies. Just as some people will run out and try the foods described so enticingly, many people run out and live the life that satan makes sound so desirable. He makes partying, carefree living sound better than the self control and careful decision making characteristic of the Christian life. He makes living for ones self sound like a better choice than putting others needs first. He is good at this, after all, he is the king of lies. But our GOD is the king of truth. HE is the truth, and the way to eternal life. So how do we tell the difference between the truth of GOD, and the lies of the enemy? The first line of defense it simply to know HIM. Know HIS word, know HIS character, and know HIM. Spend time with HIS word, and spend time in prayer with HIM. If we are filled with HIS truth, and close to HIM, we can discern the truth and discard the lies.

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