A Journey of Faith

Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a big big world

My ducklings and I are setting off on an adventure tomorrow morning. We are headed west to visit my brother and his family.This will be our third trip to their home, and the thing that struck me the most on the last two trips was the sheer size of our country. I mean really, it's enormous !!! I had never really thought about how big this world is that we live on, until I spent almost 15 hours driving across a small (relatively speaking) part of it. Then, the other day I saw something that made me think in amazement... we are so small and insignificant, and yet, our LORD loves each of us so much that HE became us to save us from ourselves. The video is by Louis Giglio and it's called How Great is Our GOD. I found it on you tube after a friend asked if I had it. It is this amazing video about how tiny our planet is in relation to the rest of the universe (there is more to it than that, but that is the part that got my brain spinning). He showed how tiny we are in relation to our sun, then how itty bitty our sun is in relation to some of the other stars that we know about. It was amazing to see the comparison. But what is really amazing is when you stop and consider that any one of us is a tiny, little, minuscule, insignificant speck in this enormous universe that GOD created just for us!!!!! And to think, HE knows the 'hairs on our heads'. HE knows every day of our lives. On those days that I am struggling, on those days when I am on my knees before HIM, begging for relief from fear and pain, HE is right there. In this unimaginably vast universe, I have HIS undivided attention, because I am HIS little girl. I have some dear friends, people that I know are there for me, but they have their own lives, their own to do lists. GOD doesn't. I am HIS to do list. If I am hurting, or needing HIM, HE is there. Unconditionally, undivided, unfailing. I consider myself blessed that, even if I don't always have sunshiny days, HE will still be there.

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