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Monday, May 21, 2012

100th post!!!!!!!

100 things...
This post will be a list of 100 things, things I love, things I have learned, maybe some other stuff too. I don't know!! I just know that this is my 100th post (wooooohoooooo!!!!!) and I wanted to do something different and neat and fun. They are in no particular order, random is easier :)

Things I love...
100. the way the air smells after it rains
99. fresh fruit right off the tree/plant
98. the way a baby smells after they fall asleep on Mama
97. lilacs
96. tulips
95. plaid
94. blogging :)
93. playing the piano
92. singing
91. swimming
90. my family
89. gardens
88. helping others
87. hugs
86. snuggling under a homemade quilt
85. learning about my Creator
84. having friends visit
83. reading
82. music
81. the way clothes smell when dried outside
80. camp
79. the ocean
78. walking thru an orchard
77. babies
76. making people happy
75. fresh air on my face when I'm sleeping
74. my friends
73. my amazing kids
72. my  awesome husband
71. GOD!!!
70. riding a bike
69. spring
68. coming home
67. my church
66. surprises

Things I have learned...

65. that some people will never be happy no matter what you do
64. that those people need our prayers. And we need prayers not to punch them *not that I ever would of course ;)
63. that GOD likes to kick people out of their boxes.
62. that HE uses nice people to do this, making it harder to refuse to try new things.
61. that I don't regret saying yes to HIM :)
60. that GOD has a sense of humor
59. that I like serving in church
58. that I love love love practicing the piano. A LOT!!
57. that nobody in my house appreciates my dedication to my music. especially before 7 am.
56. that we are teeny tiny itty bitty little specks in an enormously huge universe. and GOD loves us with a love bigger than the whole thing
55. that babies grow up way way way too fast.
54. that sometimes friends don't get to grow old
53. that prayer works. just not always the way we expected.
52. that saying goodbye hurts terribly. but that for those in CHRIST we will never really say goodbye... just 'see you later'.
51. that grief doesn't last forever, it gets smaller and smaller until you can tuck it away and not be ruled by it.
50. that hugs really do make things better
49. that being prayed over is an amazing thing
48. that plants like water. and sun. and not being run over by tractors or small children.
47. that there is great satisfaction in filling shelves with food you grew and prepared and processed yourself. 
46. that you really don't ever forget how to ride a bike.
45. to trust that GOD has things under control (still working on applying this though)
44. that I can do things that I didn't think I could
43. that I have something to say... and people want to hear it (well, a few people anyway:) )
42. that a house with children in it will never stay picked up longer than it takes for the kids to realize there is empty space to play in. *sigh*
41. that JESUS takes away not only our sins, but our burdens as well.

Things I want to do someday...

40. walk where JESUS walked
39. go on a mission trip
38. go on a zip line again
37. go to college
36. rock my grandbabies
35. be baptized (my choice this time... not my parents')
34. be brave enough to do a sermon in church  (ok, this one I know is going to happen... July 1st!)

Moments I will never forget...

33. the moment I got my first kiss :)
32. the moment my sweetie proposed to me!
31. the moment I married my sweet hubby
30. the moment the test(s) were positive!!
29. the moment I heard that my stepson had died
28. the moment I first gave a children's sermon
27. the moment(s) my babies were born
26. the moment the marble stuck in my son's throat flew across the room
25. the moment the midwife said my youngest duckling was ok
24. the moment I found The Lump
23. the moment I found out The Lump wasn't cancer
22. the moment my younger son told his first joke (knock knock. who's there? snow. snow who? snow body but me!)
21. the moment I heard my friend had lost her battle with cancer
20. the moment my older daughter saved her little brother's (older son) life
19. the moment I woke up from The Dream (I'll save that story for another post)
18. the moment my maternal grandfather died
17. the moment my friend's son was stillborn
16. the moment I first held my niece
15. the moment I first held my nephew
14. the moment I first heard "I love you GuGu" (GuGu is Chinese for Aunti)
13. the moment I completed the first 15 hour trip to visit my brother and his family
12. the moment I leaned off the platform on the zip line at camp
11. the moment my paternal grandfather held my youngest child, and I knew he wouldn't live to see her again

Just random stuff cause I am running out of things to list :)

10. I lived in the same town from the time I was born until after I graduated high school
9. I took Latin in school and loved it
8. I can speak a little Chinese
7. I use to play the clarinet... and was terrible at it
6. I met my husband square dancing
5. He is the only guy I ever dated
4. I use to do drama in school and loved it
3. I was a nanny before I had kids
2. I don't know how to play chess
1. I am really shy

so there it is! My 100 things!
if you had the patience to read them all... wow!
love you all, and have a great week
In JESUS' name

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