A Journey of Faith

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chester Indy

This is Chester Indy. (long story, the name). Anyway, let me tell you a story about Chester Indy. You see, Chester (we'll call him Chester for short) is a turtle. Turtles aren't fast, they aren't strong. They don't have camouflage to hide them when something frightens them. They don't 'make a stink' to scare away danger. The way they protect themselves is to hide. They tuck themselves into their handy dandy little shell, and wait for the scary stuff to pass by. It's a neat thing, Chester's shell. GOD knew that Chester would need a way to protect himself in this world that we live in.
Sometimes we are a little bit like Chester, we tuck ourselves into our shells, and wait for whatever is scaring us to pass us by. But GOD didn't make us with a shell like Chester. HE doesn't want us to hide away from whatever is frightening us. HE wants us to do other things, like talk to HIM, learn about what HE has promised us (that will make things much less scary), talk to HIS other children. If we act like Chester and hide away in a shell, we might miss out on learning the lessons that HE wants us to learn.

Oh, the name, right. See, before I had kids I always wanted a little boy named Chester. I pictured a little blondie boy with no front teeth, baseball cap on sideways, saying "Hi, my name is Chester" only say it with a lisp :). But hubby duck vetoed that name, so now I name random stuff Chester. Even if it's not a blondie boy with no front teeth. And Indy is because we are visiting Indiana and that is where little Chester Indy was born, and where he came to be part of the family.

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