A Journey of Faith

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Give Me Peace

Give Me Peace

With eager heart and will on fire,
I strove to win my great desire.
"Peace shall be mine," I said; but life

Grew bitter in the barren strife.

My soul was weary, and my pride
Was wounded deep; to Heaven I cried,
"GOD grant me peace or I must die;"
The dumb stars glittered no reply.

Broken at last, I bowed my head,
Forgetting all myself, and said,
"Whatever comes, HIS will be done;"
And in that moment peace was won.

-Henry Van Dyke

It is so hard to set our pride aside and wait. It is so hard to accept that GOD has a plan for us, and that we need to 'let go and let GOD'. We hold onto our wounds, and our battle scars like hard won trophies, feeling like the known is better, or easier to deal with than the unknown. When really, if we would just lay them at the cross, we could trade them for the peace GOD wants us to have. Again it comes back to trust. (why is it I can't seem to master that? Must be that rotten pride again.)

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