A Journey of Faith

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Sunday is 'the big day'. I keep telling myself not to be nervous. And I'm not, as long as I don't think about the fact that in less than 48 hours I have to co-lead the Sunday worship service. As soon as I think about getting up in front of the congregation, Satan starts his poking. You are going to mess up! poke poke. No one will like what you have to say! poke poke. You are going to embarass yourself! poke poke. You are going to let everyone down. poke poke.

The verse that is part of the skit we are doing is Hebrews 11:1. Not only does Hebrews call us to have faith that GOD is there, even if we can't see HIM; it gives an account of many of GOD's people who perservered in faith. Some of them endured things far worse and far scarier than sharing GOD's message with people who love and respect them. So what is my problem? Why does this experience cause me such fear and doubt? People keep telling me that I'll do great, and although I hope they are right, I question why they are so certain. Can't they see that I am not the best person for this job? Can't they see that I may not be the best person to share a message about answering GOD's call, when I feel completely freaked out and overwhelmed just thinking about getting up there? Can't they see that if I fail it will be devestating? I know that being nervous and fearful of this is unreasonable. I'm not facing torture and possible death. I am not leaving my home to travel to poverty stricken and war torn places. I'm not risking life and limb for the gospel. I'm driving to my safe, familiar church; surrounded by people who are my second family. I need to have faith that GOD will calm me and strengthen me, and that this experience will help me to see that there is nothing to fear in sharing myself for HIM. Hopefully Sunday I can post that I was being nervous for no reason, and that everything went great.

LORD, I need a lot of extra strength and grace this weekend. Please calm me and give me courage. Please help this experience teach me something about myself and my place as Your servant. Please help me not to let anyone down. Please strengthen my faith in YOU and Your presence and grace. In JESUS' name, Amen

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