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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Serving Joyfully

So I spent all day yesterday reading sermons (www.sermoncentral.com -it's a wonderful site, full of sermons on tons of topics) and the topic I spent the most time in was complaining. I am terrible when it comes to complaining. A while back the pastor challenged us to wear bracelets, and everytime we complained we were to switch the bracelet to the other wrist. I spent a lot of time switching my bracelet :(. Anyway, as I read these sermons on complaining, I realized that, although I was technically 'serving' GOD, I wasn't always doing it with a joyful heart. Take today's service. How many times did I complain that I was nervous? How many times did I joke that I hoped it would snow enough to cancel church? I was agreeing to serve, but I was missing something important... the joy! GOD doesn't want us to punch our 'serving time card', HE wants us to serve HIM with joy in our hearts. So today, although I was still nervous, I made a choice to be joyful about the opportunity to serve my GOD and Savior. I don't know if I will jump at the chance to lead the worship service again, but today was a joyful experience. Not because it went well (it did), not because people responded positively (they did), and not because it made it possible for my pastor to take the weekend to lead the youth group in fellowship and worship (thank you Pastor S!!). But because I made the decision to serve HIM willingly and with joy. I guess I will always have some nervousness about some things, but that won't stop me from saying yes.

LORD, today YOU gave me immeasurable strength and calm. But in this experience I learned something too, that my attitude in serving YOU is far more important than the act itself. That to truely serve YOU, I need to do more than show up, I need to choose to be joyfull in serving YOU. YOU are amazing, and sharing Your message with others should fill me with joy, not fear. Thank YOU for teaching me that very important lesson! Thank YOU for giving me so many reasons for being joyful. I love YOU!!!!! In JESUS' name, Amen.

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